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10 mantras that will help you lose weight

Before starting a project it is important that you ask yourself if you are really prepared to face it. In this way, you will not give up at the first obstacle. Sometimes, following a diet can cause insecurity, because it is difficult to strictly adhere to it and there are always thousands of temptations within your reach. So it is essential to understand why you have taken this path and always keep your motivations in mind, since they will give you the necessary strength to continue forward every day.

There are some mantras that can help you pursue your goal by reinforcing your motivation. The mantra is a word or phrase that you can repeat mentally to overcome difficulties or face reality.

Here we present 10 mantras that you can repeat every day:

  • Work your self esteem. It is important for the success of the diet.

MANTRA: “I have decided to start the diet to feel better about myself and my body.”

  • Work your conscience. Understanding why you want to diet and repeating it every morning will make you stronger.

MANTRA: «I have decided to start the diet because…».

  • Work your joy. When you start a new adventure you have to feel an explosion of enthusiasm. Being on a diet does not mean being sad; Laugh like a child, who can laugh up to 400 times a day —adults only laugh about 15 times.

MANTRA: I have decided to follow a diet, no one has forced me. It is not a punishment or a sacrifice, but a way to improve.

  1. Work on your self-indulgence and your patience. Don’t be in a hurry; If you don’t immediately get the results you hoped for, don’t be discouraged.

MANTRA: I have not lost weight this week, even though I have followed the diet, but I already feel lighter and healthier!

  1. Work on self love. It is important to love yourself, even if we have a few extra kilos.

MANTRA: (to repeat in front of the mirror): I’m handsome, even if I have a few extra kilos, and I love my body.

  1. Work time management. Are you forced to be in the office during lunch? Take a minute away from the computer and savor your sandwich. Manzanaroja is one of the few diets that allows you to eat a sandwich every day.

MANTRA: While eating I focus on that moment and on what I’m eating. Turn off mobile, TV and computer.

  1. Work on the pleasure of taking care of yourself. Even if you are alone, cook something delicious, set the table in detail, you can even buy that crockery and cutlery that you like so much.

MANTRA: I enjoy eating and am happy with what I have on my plate.

  1. Work your gluttony. Do you like sweets and suffer because you can’t eat them? Luca Piretta, the nutritionist, remembers that it is important to treat yourself to a dessert from time to time. search our light desserts and give yourself a gift!

MANTRA: Today I give myself a dessert that I will savor as a reward.

  1. Work your sense of responsibility. Have you skipped the diet? No one will punish you! Be aware and continue with the diet without feeling guilty.

MANTRA: I was wrong, but I want to get up and start over.

  1. Work your negative thoughts. It is you who controls your brain and not the other way around. When negative thoughts occur to you or you feel stressed, before you launch yourself into food, close your eyes, stop and BREATHE!

MANTRA (repeats with closed eyes): I feel that there is a light that surrounds me, it gives me warmth and serenity.

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