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10 Japanese concepts to create a life full of wealth

Japanese culture is known for dealing with very different times than our Western culture, and therein lies the key to balancing your life by following and practicing these simple concepts.

While we spend our days chasing the carrot like the rabbit, the Japanese understand that taking time to intelligently process most things is actually a very effective and positive strategy.

This applies both to the professional and work field and to all the issues we face on a personal level, such as relationships with others and with ourselves.

Japanese concepts that you can apply to improve your life

Did you know that Japan ranks number one among the nations with the highest life expectancy?

This, of course, responds to a combination of healthy habits and ways of thinking that make this goal come true.

We are talking about the objective of being happy, achieving physical and mental well-being and added to this, having financial peace of mind.

All this is communicated and intertwined.

We cannot leave out the financial part; beyond being happy, we need to be able to sustain ourselves over time, fulfill our obligations and respond to the system to which we belong.

Being able to do it without it meaning a battle in our lives, will undoubtedly be the key for us to live much better.

Who would not want to have this balance in their life?

So if you want to know how to achieve it, we invite you to read this article that we have prepared until the end, so that you know the concepts with which you will enter a much more beneficial dimension for you and those around you.

Keys that will change your life, according to the Japanese

japanese concepts that will change your life

Although there are many more than 10 keys to achieving life goals (such as happiness), here we want to share the concepts that we consider to be easy to apply.

They are words that you have probably already heard, or that from now on, you will see much more frequently because they are really trending. In addition, you must add conviction and determination to implement these mental habits in your life.

Prepare a pencil and paper so that you can start making a list of the keys that will make your life what you have always wanted.

1. Oubaitori

Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Each person’s times are different and that’s perfect. Don’t judge your personal growth based on what others have accomplished.

2. Kaizen

The concept of “constant improvement” is part of a mentality that can be very fruitful. Maintaining the desire to be better in all areas of your life is key. Especially when you accumulate small changes.

3. Wabi sabi

Embrace imperfection! Accept your flaws and forgive your mistakes.

Nothing lasts forever, nothing is absolutely complete. Accept your faults and those of others too. Find beauty in that imperfection.


Don’t waste or waste anything. Everything deserves respect and gratitude, so you must recognize the value in everything around you.

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5. Gaman

Maintain dignity in the most difficult moments. Be patient, be persevering and tolerant. It is in these moments where you must have emotional maturity and self-control to overcome obstacles.

6. Yuugen

Learn to appreciate beauty that does not meet the pre-established standards of culture and society.

Find true beauty in the subtlety that goes beyond aesthetics.

7. Ikigai

Know your “reason for being”. Discover what is that life purpose that fills your soul and that could make you change your world and that of others.

Ask yourself what makes you get up every morning, what motivates you. Make it something you’re really good at and set yourself apart. This is the true meaning of life.

8. Shikita ga nai

Accept and let go, two challenges that we all need to assume.

Some things are just out of our control, that’s when we need to accept what we can’t change and just move on.

9. Kintsugi

Do you know the Japanese technique of repairing breaks with gold?

This happens because they celebrate imperfections as if they were absolutely beautiful. These breaks along the way are what make us more valuable, embellish us, and enrich us.

10. Omoiyari

Shows consideration and empathy for others.

Life will always be better when we care about others, when we understand them, when we are patient and understanding.

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Apply these Japanese concepts to create a life of wealth

Now that you know these Japanese concepts for a life full of wealth, it’s time to implement them.

Leaving our future roasting is not a smart option, we must take charge and look for those healthy habits and the way of thinking that lead us to live better.

Would it be enough to tell you that following some of these concepts there are Japanese who have exceeded 100 years of life?

This may not be enough to convince you, but the reality is that living a full life in terms of good health, mental well-being, financial stability, and building harmonious relationships is a goal that many of us are willing to achieve.

Achieve the life you dream of by changing your mindset

In short, when you are able to make small changes in your life, be consistent and persevere with these objectives, it is very possible that you can turn around a situation in which you find yourself today.

There are already millions of people who have found in these Japanese concepts, an answer to the path they must take to achieve the well-being so longed for by so many.

And if you are willing, you just have to take the idea of ​​putting these small actions into practice very seriously to notice results that will last over time.

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