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10 institutions that thank you for what you have

Anyone who has children knows how difficult it is to keep the house minimally organized, especially at festive times, when toys seem to multiply overnight. When it comes time to “clean up”, however, it is common to feel sorry for throwing away toys that have become little used: but how, where, and to whom donate toys??

The truth is that, all over the country, there are hundreds of children who live in conditions of economic deprivation and who would be very happy with toys that their children no longer use. The good news? There are associations that assume the mission of bridging the two worlds, collecting donated toys to distribute to those who do not have them.

Thanks to these institutions, donating toys is much easier. You can deliver them to various parts of the country and you can be sure that they will still have a lot of use before they end up in the trash.

Institutions where you can donate toys

THE Mother’s Help is an IPSS that helps pregnant women and mothers, receiving them temporarily until they reorganize their work, economic and family life. Since it has childcare facilities – and it has no shortage of contacts for families in need of support – this institution accepts donations of toys, as long as they are washed, clean and functional.

When donating toys to Ajuda de Mãe, be careful to pack them in transparent bags, so that the institution’s employees can see what’s inside. This visibility is necessary so that, when distributing the toys in the baskets, those responsible adjust the donation to the age of the child who receives it.

THE Believe Association supports children with cancer and their families. Among the support it provides is the offer of logistical support, which includes accommodation for children undergoing treatment. It is for these accommodations that the association accepts toys.

Before deciding to donate toys to the association, you should first confirm the specific needs of the branch in your city. It is also possible that, in some situations, the association will only accept new and still packaged toys – the children for whom they are intended may have very weak immune systems and therefore it is not safe to offer them things that have already been through other hands.

O Donated Goods Bank is an IPSS that is part of the Entrajuda organization and that redistributes toys (and other goods) donated by individuals and companies.

This redistribution can either be done directly with the most needy families or can include other social solidarity institutions that, in turn, deliver to those in need.

To donate toys to the Donated Goods Bank, you must complete an online form where you will have to specify what kind of goods you are offering. After submitting the form, you will receive a response from the institution indicating the warehouse where you can deliver the materials.


Give and Receive Platform

the platform Give and receive it is linked to Entrajuda, which, in this case, is associated with Cáritas. All non-food items are accepted here, as long as they are in good condition.

To donate toys to the platform, you must complete an online form: go to the project’s website, click on “Quero Dar” and choose the option “Dar Bens”. You will be contacted by the institution to arrange delivery.

If you prefer, you can also contact the team directly by email to arrange the donation details: [email protected]??

You can also donate toys to Portuguese Institute of Oncology, which is always careful to decorate and liven up the living spaces of the pediatric ward. Here too, however, the issue of immunosuppression in children undergoing treatment arises, which often forces donated toys to be new.

Before putting everything together and taking it away, check with your city’s IPO about the rules for donations and the best way to get toys to hospitalized children.

the institution SOS Children’s Village it takes in disadvantaged children and also supports hundreds of families living in vulnerable situations (which also include children). You can, therefore, donate toys knowing that, if they do not go to foster homes, they will be distributed to families who need it most.

Before the pandemic, donations were relatively simple, but now there is a need to schedule deliveries at the institution in advance. The ideal is to call (21 361 69 50) or send an email ([email protected]) to find out the best time and the best way to donate toys.

You can also donate toys to Portuguese Association for Victim Supportwhich supports, among other communities, children in situations of economic and social vulnerability.

In this case, donations are facilitated by the fact that there are several APAV offices spread across the country: you just have to look on the institution’s website the office closest to you and find out about the best way to deliver what you have to offer.


Holy House of Mercy

Santa Casa da Misericórdia is also an institution that is present in practically the entire country and offers support to families in need and childcare.

Needs may, however, vary between locations, so it is advisable to look for the nearest representation from Santa Casa and ask about how you can donate goods. Even if that unit is not in need of anything, it can always help to forward donations to other units nearby.

Another way to donate toys to Santa Casa da Misericórdia is to send an email to the Charity Unit ([email protected]?? The employees of this unit will need to inventory the donated goods, and only then agree with you a place and a date for delivery.

THE Casa do Caminho it does not use donated goods for the children it takes in, but has a social bazaar where used products are sold at symbolic prices. If you donate toys, they will be offered for sale in this bazaar so families in need can purchase them.

Proceeds from sales, in turn, revert to the institution, which uses them to preserve facilities and support social support services. You can find out more about the social bazaar at Casa do Caminho on the institution’s website??


BUS – Goods of Social Utility

The great advantage of BUS institution is that it collects the donated goods at the place where they are, eliminating the need for those who offer them to travel. To donate toys, call the association and combine the collection.

Toys collected by BUS – like other goods – are redistributed to families living in vulnerable situations. They can also be delivered to IPSS partners of the institution, which, in turn, forward them to those in need or use them to complete the rooms in their daycare centers and ATL.

Article originally published in June 2021. Updated November 2022??

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