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10 Health problems that you can detect by looking at the marks that appear on the nails

If you look closely at your nails, you will be able to see that there are clear areas at the base known as moons either lunules.

Despite the fact that you have never paid much attention to them, their color, shape and size can indicate the presence of a disease or a certain predisposition to it. Who knows, maybe looking at your nails can help you catch a problem early and take action.

Here we show you everything your nails have to say about your health:

Excessively large lunules

We could consider that the lunules are excessively large when they are occupy a third (or more) of the nail. This characteristic could indicate problems in the cardiovascular system and low blood pressure.

Large lunules can often be found in athletes and people whose occupation is related to physical activity. In case the person is not related to sports, the enlarged lunules may appear due to a high level of stress.

small lunules

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The small lunules, those that they barely see each other, indicate low blood pressure and circulatory disorders. They can also be a sign of a weak immune system, poor metabolism, or a lack of iron and B12.

non-existent lunules

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Don’t worry, don’t panic if you didn’t find any trace of lunulas by your nails. In some people these whitish areas never appear due to the physiological specificities of the nail structure.

However, modern medicine regards the sudden disappearance of lumina as one of the symptoms of a circulatory disorder. A study demonstrated that the absence of lunules is related to disorders of the thyroid gland and a deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron.

Changes in the color of the moons

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lunules gray they indicate severe fatigue, digestive disorders and possible difficulties in the absorption of nutrients.

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lunules white they are healthy and natural.

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lunules purple are sign of a poor blood circulation Y lack of oxygen in organs and tissues. You may experience frequent dizziness and headaches.

img 5b7e93cabb804lunules pink (red) can be an indicator of insufficient physical activity Y lung problems.

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lunules black they are a rare and extremely dangerous sign. As a rule, this is a symptom of heavy metal poisoning.

Specific changes in the lunules

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Usually, the lunula of the pinkie must be faint or be completely absent. Its size has to do with the work of the kidneys, the small intestine and the heart. An enlarged lunula may appear as a result of a high blood pressure.

The ring finger is responsible for the work of the reproductive and lymphatic systems. A barely visible lunula could show digestive problems.

The middle finger it is connected to the brain and cardiovascular system. The absence of lunula could indicate vascular problems and high blood pressure.

The lunula of the index finger may disappear or become considerably smaller due to a malfunction of the intestine or pancreas.

The lunula of the thumb reflects the work of the lungs and spleen. It is the most visible of all and should not occupy more than 25% of the entire nail. It can be significantly smaller in smokers and larger in those with hypertension.

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