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10 health lessons men learn from women

See the biggest, and best, health lessons men can learn from women. The female universe can even be an inspiration.

Opposites? Saying that men and women live on different planets may seem like an exaggeration, but the truth is that there are many contrasts to point out (and this also means that there are immense changes to be made).

Being more honest with one’s feelings, giving space to emotions, admitting weaknesses, surrendering more to experiences… These are some examples of behaviors that any man can (and should) learn from a woman – but there is much more and we show you.

We have listed some practical and simple teachings that the female sex can offer to boost the physical and emotional well-being of men. We guarantee: any couple will identify with some of our good examples – if not all of them.

Do you want to discover what the universe of “ladies” has to offer? Stay tuned to this article and take note of the 10 health lessons men learn from women.

Did not understand? We explain. Women value their hours more sleep than men and tend to sleep more – although both need a night break between 7 and 9 am. However, men insist on sleeping less time.

To help promote rest, we give you some tips: turn off your cell phone, tablet and television. Make sure you rest in a dark and quiet environment, and stay away from clutter in the bedroom – the lack of order can really disturb your rest.


Friends must be around

If you were looking for a good excuse for a poker night with friends, how about this one? The time is now. You may doubt it, but women tend to be more friends, companions and more present in each other’s lives. Try it. This feminine lesson can add years to your life!

Did you know that, on average, 20 out of every 100 adult men smoke? If you think the same thing happens to women, think again. It is estimated that only 15 women out of 100 have a tobacco habit. It may not seem like a big difference, but believe me: the numbers are quite different in the end. Get inspired and leave addiction.

Ladies know when to say “no”. In the case of alcoholic beverages, for example, it is estimated that they are half as likely to get drunk compared to men. However, this is not the only bad news: they also have the ability to stay drunk longer. Therefore, think carefully when accepting the next dose… especially if the woman next to you has already denied it.

Guess which gender takes more risks? We have no doubt that he was right. Men are generally the ones who don’t like seat belts, drive faster and don’t think before getting into a dispute about politics or football. Slow down and you will see that they are right.

Men spend more time in the sun, but they are the ones who most often forget to use adequate protection. If you are going to be exposed to the sun’s rays, apply a protective cream and make sure you spread it well over your entire body. Taking care of health is not a girl’s thing.

The healthy eating award goes to the girls. Do you know why? Because while men eat more meat, women eat more vegetables and fruits. Yes, and it doesn’t stop there. Men eat more bacon and fat, eggs and almost raw meats. Your friends don’t want to adopt a veggie diet? Don’t be one of them.


Wash your hands more often

Want to get rid of germs that can cause illness? Learn from women.

Public door handles? They avoid touching them. Toilet outside the house? They line. When leaving the bathroom? They wash their hands. They seem like basic hygiene rules, but the truth is that most men don’t even remember they exist.


Make more visits to the doctor

Want to know an easy way to stay healthy? Go to the doctor. Twice as many men say they haven’t been to health appointments for longer than they should. Ask your doctor how many times a year you should see him and what periodic checkups he would suggest for someone your age. Inform yourself and take care of yourself more carefully.

Women may be more likely to be depressed, but they are also more likely to seek help. Guys, the first step to getting rid of sadness and stress is to talk to a doctor or mental health specialist. The sooner you take this action, the sooner you will feel better.

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