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10 Great tricks from the best trainers to stay in shape with little effort

If you are one of those who want to lose weight but you don’t like the gym or you are too lazy to have to control your calories at all times, today you are in luck.

exist other ways to get fit that do not require you to work as hard and that gym trainers advise their clients to put into practice.

10 effective tricks to get in shape that do not require a great effort

1- Do not sit for a long time

Sedentary life slows down your metabolism so try to get up and take a walk every two hours. It is also worth walking for a few minutes around the office. If you can also combine it with spending two hours a day on your feet, you will lose weight much more.

2- Do not drink soft drinks

{keyword}Eliminate soft drinks from your diet as they will destroy all previous efforts to lose weight. They have a lot of sugar so try drinking tea instead.

3- Use a smaller plate


We eat much less if we use a smaller plate, since there seems to be more.

4- Forget alcohol


Alcohol has a lot of calories and stimulate your appetite, so if you want to lose weight you should skip these types of drinks.

5- Play bowling


If you can’t exercise because the winter weather makes it difficult for you, you have other alternatives. Try bowling with your family. two hours of this game they could cut 500 calories.

6- Wait 10 minutes


The desire to eat something lasts about 10 minutes and then disappears, so when you feel like eating something, start counting ten minutes and do something useful during that time to distract yourself.

7- Drink water


Our bodies often confuse hunger with thirst, so try drink some cold water next time you’re hungry. If your hunger doesn’t go away in about 10-20 minutes, eat something.

8- Do cardio exercises


If you decide to go to the gym you must do cardio. It is the most effective form of exercise when you want to burn fat since you activate a large number of muscles.

9- Do not call the elevator


Go up and down the stairs whenever possible and forget about the elevator. This will help you burn calories.

10- Go out dancing


Try to dance when you go out to a party and avoid standing next to the bar. You can lose more weight than you imagine since just two hours of dancing can burn 650 calories.

As you see, they are everyday tasks that do not require great effort and that we can add to our daily routine to burn calories and, therefore, lose weight and get fit.

Will you put these tricks into practice? Do you know of any other that is also effective? Tell us in the comments!

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