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10 Great Overly Realistic Movies You Must See At Least Once In Your Life

Many times we watch movies to have a good time, to escape or to laugh and forget about bad situations. Also there are many movies that invite us to get out of our comfort zone and make you think about various topics, even if they are sometimes too realistic.

Some movies make us think

1- Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Focus Features

This is one of those movies that you love them or you hate them. One day Susan receives a novel written by her ex-husband that she hasn’t heard from for a long time. The plot of the film mixes the present history with that of the book.

2- Let me out (2017)

Blumhouse Productions

A young African-American man is going to visit his girlfriend’s parents’ house. There, strange things begin to happen that will lead him to extreme situations. This film has been highly acclaimed by critics and even It has been nominated for the Oscars for best film..

3- Red Sparrow (2018)

20th Century Fox

Dominika Egorova is a Russian ballerina recruited to become a ‘red sparrow’, a show where you have to use your body as a weapon. In the process, she will find herself embroiled in a spy war against the United States.

4- Lost (2014)

20th Century Fox

The plot is about an apparently happy marriage in which Amy, Nick’s wife, disappears one day. From there, people will start to think that Nick is the culprit and that he has murdered his wife. But not everything is what it seems.

5- The Room (2016)

Irish Film Board

Jack has lived since he was born in a room with his mother. Eat there, play, sleep, your whole world is within those four walls.

But the reality is that her mother has been kidnapped since she was 19 years old. Over time Jack becomes curious, and he has to find a way out of that room.

6- The butterfly effect (2004)

New Line Cinema

Evan is a boy who can travel through time and with this gift he begins to discover that some of the memories he has blocked are not pleasant. He will try and He will fight with all his might to change the past..

7- Multiple (2017)


Kevin is a man who goes to therapy because he lives inside his body with 23 different personalities. Dominated by some of those personalities that they want to take control of their body, kidnaps three teenagers.

8- City of God (2002)

O2 Films

This film is based on real events and tells a story that happened in one of the best-known favelas in Brazil called City of God. In the film you can see how life in this place is not easy and that street fights, drug trafficking and consumption and murders are the daily bread.

9- 127 hours (2010)

Everest Entertainment

The film tells the true story of Aron Ralston, a mountaineer who decides to visit the canyons of Utah. There he has a spectacular fall and has to decide what to do to survive since he is trapped.

10- The talent of Mr. Ripley (1999)

Miramax International

This film based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith tells how Tom Ripley is amazed by Dickie’s luxurious life to the point of wanting to be like him. In this film Tom He will do whatever it takes to get the life he so desires.

Have you seen any of these movies? What are your favourites?

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Cover Image: Blumhouse Productions/20th Century Fox

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