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10 good buys for the holidays

The Christmas season is always more for the younger ones and we love to dress them up. See our suggestions for children’s Christmas clothes.

The time has come to celebrate and gather the family at the table. After the uncertainties of the last few years, and if you are finally going to get your uncles, grandparents, cousins ​​and children together, take the opportunity to create great memories with everyone. And because this season is for the youngest, we bring you the most beautiful christmas clothes for kids??

Whether it’s the princess’s first Christmas at home, or looking for something for your child that only wears sweatshirts and sneakers, our selection will delight children and adults alike.

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Christmas clothes for children: the little ones will shine at the table

You don’t have to buy one look complete, also because we are in a time of some extra expenses. Opt for a piece that you can wear on other festive occasions, such as a dress for them, a blazer for them, or even some classic shoes.

Combine this piece with others you have at home and the result will certainly be stunning.

You can also use the pieces we propose as inspiration and look for more or less accessible pieces in other brands and stores, which allow you to create the same effect of look festive and rigorous for the youngest.

Some of the stores even offer pieces in the same pattern, for boys and girls, and of different ages, so you can dress your whole clan accordingly.

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Is there a more Christmas pattern than the reddish chess?
Pair these overalls with a plain, classic shirt or knit.
For a more comfortable look, add knee socks or tights.



Cotton plaid dress



If your daughter is the queen of the party, opt for this flowy checkered dress.
To complete the look, pair boots or flats with elegant socks.



Ralph Lauren

Your child won’t look so naughty in this knit sweater.
For a more elegant look, wear it with the shirt.



Girl’s merceditas with buckle



These shoes will add a more feminine touch to any look.
Being quite versatile, you’ll be able to use them on several occasions and with the most different pieces, from dresses to jeans.



little orange

Whether you’re looking for a more classic look or a more laid-back look, complete your look with a cardigan to combat low temperatures.
You can wear it with pants, shorts or dungarees.




Velvet, in addition to bringing sophistication, makes any look more comfortable.
This black dress is ideal to wear at the end of the year too.




Can you imagine how well your child will look with these fringed ankle boots?
For a very tender look, choose to wear them with shorts and knee-length socks.




Give your child an extra touch of elegance with this velvet blazer.
Combine it with a shirt and jeans.



Maria Concha

With this dress with a collar, little more is needed to make the look even more beautiful.
More feminine? Just add a head bow or some fancy stockings.




Keep the little ones warm and in the holiday spirit with this snowman knit sweater.
Wear it with a shirt you already have at home, and some jeans or corduroys.


And because we are sure you were delighted with our suggestions, make your selection for an even more special Christmas.

Can you imagine the memories you will create?

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