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10 games that pay real money 2022

For those who have free time and want to improve their income, it is possible to do this through games that pay real money in 2022. With them, it is possible to earn amounts of money through a cell phone or computer. Best of all, money is earned by playing fun games very easily.

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What is a game that pays real money?

Games that pay real money are easily found apps for Android and iOS. After downloading them, these games provide points obtained in different ways, such as playing time, accumulated victories or even publicity. After accumulating the points, it is possible to exchange them for money and receive them with the use of Paypal🇧🇷

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Of course, the amount gained from games that pay real money is not considered to be very large, but it can make a difference and make a difference at the end of the month. The best thing is that everything is obtained through a simple game.

Features of games that pay real money

Games that pay real money offer points to their users in a variety of ways. The most common is by performing a daily Check-in within the application, testing the game itself and also through quizzes that are sent to the user.

How do real money games work?

When the user does what is asked by the game, the platform gradually provides an amount of points per day or weekly. After accumulating the minimum amount defined by the games that pay real money, the person can make transfers in cash format through paypal or other platforms. It is also possible to withdraw this amount or use it directly for online purchases.

Why should you play games that pay real money?

Games that pay real money make these amounts available to attract even more players. When played, users also receive advertisements that generate income for the game. The more people inside the application, the more income the game can obtain and thus makes small payments to those who comply with what is proposed.

10 games that pay real money for you to try now

In 2022 there is a plethora of games that pay real money.

10 games that pay real money for you to try now

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Discover the main and safest ones:


MakeMoney is an App that generates points rewards for users who play games and watch videos on the platform. Just by registering, you can get 30 points. Check-in also yields rewards, you can get 20 points with daily use of MakeMoney.

After accumulating a good amount of balance, the user makes the transfer request through Paypal and receives real money.

big time

With it, it is possible to participate in sweepstakes that pay commission to the user of the platform’s ads. In addition, real money is also earned by referring new users. Redemption of the amount earned is done by Paypal.


CashPirate offers US$ 0.50 for every 500 points accumulated on the platform. These points are generated by referring new players, playing available games and watching videos. Every 2500 points accumulated, the user can now receive through Paypal.


Qwizdom makes real money available to anyone who answers the available quizzes and plays their games. The differential of this platform is that you can also interact with other users within the games. To carry out the money transfer, you must first accumulate US$ 10.


In Gamee, users receive money in exchange for referring new players and for playing available games. Its payment method is done by drawing lots and some users report that they have already won up to 100 dollars.


In addition to earning money through games, in FeaturePoints users can also earn with quizzes, interaction and referral of new players.

Lucky MoneyGame – Station

One of the most famous games in this modality is Lucky MoneyGame. With it, you can earn money through scratch cards, roulette and raffles. When accumulating the minimum amount of coins, the amount is sent to the user through Pix or gift cards.


Solitaire is also on the list of games that pay real money. With it, you can accumulate tickets as you play and participate in lotteries. Thus, the user runs the risk of earning a share of the game’s advertising.


In 2022 appKarma is also a very sought after game. With this app, you can earn points by referring and performing mandatory tasks, ranging from research to games. The accumulated amount can be paid or spent in stores on Amazon, Playstation, Google Play, and more.

Whaff Master

Whaff Master offers good money to its users who answer questions and play its games. In addition, it is possible to exchange points for gift cards or just request your full withdrawal.

Games that pay real money can add up to anyone’s extra income. Everything is done in free time and easily, just choose the game with the most benefits and start playing!

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