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10 Facebook features you may not have known about

As obvious as social media may seem, there are “things” that are not as certain as they seem. The possibility of existing facebook features you don’t know is big and that’s why we’ve put together the 10 most useful.

10 hidden features on facebook

As intuitive as it may be, the Facebook “hides” several functions that, after all, can become very useful for most users. Get to know some of the hidden features.


The oculya message box

when you open the messenger, get ready to respond to the messages you have to read, right? In fact, we would say that you don’t know any other mailbox besides this one…

But the truth is, there is one more conversation tab that houses your message requests, also known as “Message Requests?? This is where you can find messages sent by people who are not your friends on the social network.

The truth is, on Facebook, you don’t have to be someone’s friend to be able to send them a message, but you do need that person to accept your message request. Pay attention, because this tab is on the right side of the normal message box.


Friend requests never accepted

I’m sure you’ve had one or two orders lost on Facebook… And the truth is that the platform keeps all this history from the day you created an account. So you can see who never accepted your friend request.

To do this, just click on the “Friend Requests” icon (two people) found in the top menu, on the right side. Click on “See all” at the bottom of the window that appears and then on “See sent orders”.


Unauthorized access to the account

One of the features of Facebook that you may not be aware of is this one, which lets you know if someone is accessing your account without proper authorization. We are therefore talking about a very useful tool in terms of security and privacy.

To confirm this information, access the Settings (via the inverted arrow in the upper right corner). In the menu on the left, enter “Security and login”, where all the related information will appear.

In the “Where you are logged in” tab, you will find all the devices used to access your Facebook account. Do you recognize everyone? If so, then I have nothing to worry about.

If not, locate the device you don’t know and, on the 3 vertical dots that appear on the right, click on “Not you?” and follow directions from Facebook.


The publications that (not) everyone needs to see

Did you know you can do posts only for a restricted group of friends, without the others knowing? Whatever the reason, the truth is that you can filter the audience that views your publications.

If, at any time, you do not want one or more people to see the post what you’re about to do, all you have to do is define a shortlist of those names before publication.

To do so, click on “Who can see this?” in the bottom tab of the post box. Select “Restricted Friends” or “Custom” to define who can, and who can’t, see your next post.


Links you can save

This is one of the Facebook features that most people are unaware of. Did you know that everything that appears on your wall can be saved in a private tab? If the answer is no, now you know that it is possible.

If you found news, a job opportunity, a recipe or just a funny video to watch later, you can click on the 3 horizontal dots of the publication in question and select “Save video/link”.


The time you spend on Facebook

Along with other social networks, Facebook has decided to create a tool that lets you know how much time you spend on the platform per day or month. Go prepared, because the numbers are likely to scare you.

To know how much time do you spend on facebook, you must use the app on a mobile device. Then click on the menu (3 horizontal lines), “Settings and Privacy” and “The time you spent on Facebook”.


The Backup I Never Knew Existed

Why the backups are not just for mobile phones and computers, don’t you agree? can do the download of all your information and history on the social network through this feature.

To do this, access Settings and, in the left-hand menu, click on “Your Facebook information”. Then, select the option “Download your information” to have all the information on your side.


The decision of what will happen to your account after you die

It seems incredible, but it is not. This is one of the features of Facebook that you may not know about and, in fact, it is one of the most recent. This tool can be found in Settings, under the “General” menu.

Click on “Honor Settings” to decide what happens to your account after you pass away. In this sense, you can also activate this tool to disallow friend requests from people who have passed away.


Two-factor authentication

This is a very useful option in terms of security, which is present in most applications today. Two-factor authentication enables a second security option if you access your account on a new device.

What this tool does is require the presentation of a random code, which must be generated in applications such as Google Authenticator?? To enable it, go to Settings and click on “Security & Login” in the menu on the left.


Advertising you (don’t) want to see

One of the features that Facebook offers is the possibility of filtering the advertising that appears on the platform according to your preferences. To do this, access Settings and click on “Ads” in the left-hand menu.

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