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10 (excellent) reasons not to miss Amsterdam

If you are undecided about your next trip, here are 10 reasons to go to Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands awaits you.

amsterdam it has a bit of everything: art, architecture, bars, restaurants, design, fashion, music, gastronomy, antiques and many parks and green areas.

Although well known for its coffee shops and for your red light districtthere are several leisure and entertainment areas in the Dutch capital.

Also known as the “Venice of the North”, due to its canals, Amsterdam is still a good destination for those who like to shop, as it has a very active trade, if this were not one of the European countries and the world with a better standard of living.

10 reasons not to miss Amsterdam

A square full of museums. Here, you can find the famous Rijksmuseum (the national museum of Dutch history and art), the Van Gogh museum and the Stedelijk (museum of modern art).

This area, right in the center of Amsterdam, is known for representing one of the largest concentrations of artistic works in the world.

And as man does not live only on art, we must also suggest some Dutch gastronomic specialties.

Be sure to try the Volendammer Vishandel available, for example, in the De Pijp district, in a fish shop that also sells dishes. Try the raw herring and smoked eel, with chopped onion, and enjoy!

As we mentioned, Amsterdam is also known for its various parks and green areas.

In this case, we are talking about Vondel Park built in the mid-nineteenth century and inaugurated in 1865. This garden has about 47 hectares of leisure areas and is the largest of the more than 30 parks in the city.

Located in the center of the city, it has an open-air theater and a sculpture by Pablo Picasso. It receives about 10 million visitors a year.

Amsterdam night panorama

If you don’t know how to ride a bike, it’s good to take some lessons before visiting Amsterdam. There are more than 800 thousand bicycles in the city and this is a form of transport used by residents and tourists alike.

The road network itself is prepared for these vehicles, so it is possible to rent them in various spaces, for around €12.

Amsterdam has several neighborhoods and Jordaan is one of them. It is close to the city center and is bathed by the Prinsengracht canal.

It is a fun residential neighborhood full of attractions such as antique shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries.

Located in the neighborhood we talked about earlier, the Anne Frank House was inaugurated in 1960 and has already received more than 30 million visitors (equivalent to about three times the national population).

By visiting this space, you can learn about the life story of this Jewish child, whose existence will never be forgotten. Museum tickets range from €4.50 to €9.

Anne Frank House Museum in Holland

Opposite the Museum of Jewish History, is the Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam, it belongs to the oldest Jewish community in the Netherlands.

It was founded by Portuguese and Spanish Jews fleeing the Inquisition and its collection of objects is one of the most important. Tickets to visit the space cost around €15.

Of course, the favorite drink of the Dutch could not be forgotten: beer! For this reason, there are several craft factories that produce this drink, with Brouwerij ‘t IJ being one of the most popular.

It is next to the zoo, it is housed in a mill, and there you can learn about the entire manufacturing process, as well as being able to taste various beers, accompanied by tasty snacks.

There are around 200 tourist boats sailing through Amsterdam’s canals. Choose transport where you can eat and drink while strolling along the city’s beautiful canals.

In addition to admiring the landscape, there is a guide on board who will transmit some useful information about the history and attractions of the city, wherever you go. Prices start at €5.

Field of Tulips in Holland

Tulips are another of Holland’s charms and a true brand image. Therefore, it is natural that Amsterdam has a flower market, the so-called Bloemenmarkt.

It has the particularity of being a floating market, which is close to Rembrandtplein. Let yourself be dazzled by the colors and fragrances of the many flowers available on site.

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