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10 Discreet celebrities despite their gigantic fortunes that they carry in secret

When you have a lot of money, it is very easy to waste it. This is something that happens to many celebrities, who lose count of the zeros that their checking accounts have.

But even if it’s hard for you to believe, many of them decide to keep their feet on the ground and they lead humbler lives.

The most discreet celebrities in terms of their money

1- Keira Knightley

He has a fortune of about $50 million, but it doesn’t seem important. The actress He spends only $50,000 a year. Only 12 guests attended his wedding and he does not want to succumb to money and fame.

2- Julia Roberts

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She is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood and around the world, probably also because of her humility. His fortune is around 140 million dollars, but Roberts does the shopping herself, wears second-hand clothes, and helps the kids whenever she can with charities.

3- Mick Jagger

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The Rock star has a fortune of 350 million dollars, but he cares little. Jagger always haggles over his contracts and only spends money on his nights out.

4- Lady Gaga

Despite having a fortune valued at 275 million dollars, Lady Gaga keeps shopping on sales and use discount coupons in supermarkets. Instead of receiving notices from her bank for spending money, the singer claims to receive notices for spending nothing.

5- Kate Middleton

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The Duchess of Cambridge wants try to continue leading a normal lifeso she goes shopping when she can and tries to go out with her family as if she were just another Englishwoman.

6- Keanu Reeves


He had a very complicated childhood, so the actor He doesn’t like to brag or spend his money. He uses public transportation, lives in a normal house, and eats out at restaurants like everyone else.

7- Ingvar Kamprad


The founder of IKEA he still uses the bus, flies middle class and his house is furnished with furniture from his own company.

8- Halle Berry


She is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.However, the actress prefers to lead a more normal life, as she assures that she does not know what can happen and if she will need the money later.

9- Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis


The couple has always made it clear that they were not going to abuse their money, so much so that they did not give their children gifts at Christmas. They don’t want them to get used to that lifestyle so that they learn to value things.

10- Nicole Scherzinger

The singer has admitted on several occasions that she likes to have money, but that she does not abuse it and that continue to use discount coupons when shopping. He says it’s because of how much it took him to get there to earn that money.

Another of the things in which celebrities are similar to us are in their hobbies, those small customs and ways of doing things that can be become an obsession.

What kind of life would you lead if you had as much money as they did? Would you let yourself be carried away by madness?

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