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10 Disastrous Cosmetic Surgery Operations That Ended Their Patients’ Faces

Knowing how to grow old is quite an achievement And not everyone deals with it in the same way. There are those who resort to miraculous creams, those who live without thinking about what will happen when they exceed 50 years of age and those who they waste their money on surgery.

Today we bring you a compilation of the aesthetic operations that came out the worst and that will surely make you rethink about going through the operating room to see yourself better.

Photos after an aesthetic operation that will leave you speechless

1- More lips

She just wanted to add a little more volume to her lips, but the surgeon miscalculated and ended up injecting more into one side than the other.

2- Filling

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This face has been sculpted by the hands of a surgeon, but skin texture we are concerned. Despite having full lips and prominent cheekbones, the skin has evidently suffered the stress of so many surgeries.

3- Everything for his idol

10 people who had surgery and ended up a disaster 156890

More than 100,000 dollars (about €85,000) invested in looking like his idol, Justin Bieber. Don’t you get the feeling that they looked more alike before the operations?

4- How many operations do you think have been done?

10 people who had surgery and ended up a disaster 156895

Amanda Lepore She started her gender change journey at 19, but now, at nearly 50, she’s become obsessed with perfect measurements that she’s only been able to achieve by getting rid of parts of her body, like her ribs. Where is the limit?

5- Breast augmentation


Every woman, and man, is free to do whatever they want with their body. However, any aesthetic operation should be accompanied by a psychological counseling to prevent certain obsessions from taking shape.

6- A profile difficult to forget

10 people who had surgery and ended up a disaster 156849

Starring in one of the most popular shows on MTV America, this teenage mother decided, after giving birth, to inject some filler into the upper lip. We don’t know if the result is as expected or a strange reaction to the compound, but of course your profile is unique.

7- A “natural” glow


It seems straight out of the casting of Rupaul’s Drag Race but in reality it is his appearance on a daily basis.

8- Lotus feet


Does not require surgical intervention, but his procedure is much more painful. The well-known lotus feet are a Japanese custom, less and less established, which consists of bind your feet to make them smaller. Japanese girls have made these bandages for centuries with the sole purpose of showing off their feet as small as possible.

9- Which nipples do you like the most?

img 5982ec1ca4060

The difference is noticeable, but is it necessary? As for aesthetics, there is nothing writtenbut I personally like the nipples from before better.

10- A complete success

img 5982e9e483dc0

Many will say that this operation is a success. The after is a face that doesn’t even look like it’s been operated on, but… Would you be able to recognize the person? It has totally lost its identity and everything that defined it.

Aesthetic operations are not to be joked about, but there are times when their results inevitably make us smile.

Are you still thinking about having surgery after seeing these disasters?

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