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10 different drinks on the brunch table that reveal your personality

Do you choose coffee for brunch or do you enjoy it with a mimosa à la Sex and the city? With inspiration from Elite daily, we list ten different drinks that describe how you are as a person based on what you choose to drink for Sunday brunch!

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A better way to start the morning is to have brunch together with one’s best friends on a free Sunday. But have you ever considered that what you choose to drink at brunch can reveal your personalities? Are you the one ordering a Bloody Mary, smoothie or actually just water? Elite daily has listed different drinks on the brunch table and how they can reveal who we are as people. While there’s no research to back up their claims – we can’t help but think there’s some truth to this after all… Take a look below to find out if they’ve managed to figure out your personality based on what you drink at Sunday Brunch!

1. You who order Mimosa…

A Sunday brunch with your best friends and delicious breakfast deserves a champagne drink for an extra sense of luxury. According to Elite daily, those who order a mimosa like that it adds something extra to the brunch and that you want to start the week in a fun, yet simple and classic way. If you always order this cocktail, you are very social and always see the positive in any situation.


2. You who order coffee…

What would a morning be without coffee? The truth is, you couldn’t imagine a morning without a caffeine kick! If you are a coffee lover, you are more serious when it comes to your life and you love to have a lot of balls in the air and to be “on the move”. A quiet Sunday followed by binge-watching series is not on your map and at least you have a project that you passionately love to work on over the weekend. After all, there’s always time for brunch, but after that it’s time for adventure and making the most of the day!

3. You who order tea…

According to Elite Daily, the tea lover is not one to shy away from drama and gossip. You don’t need the same caffeine kick as the coffee drinker, but you prefer something simpler while still wanting to drink something tasty. Your friends love you for your harmonious way of looking at life and that side always comes out during brunch. The tea orderer can be somewhat shy and quieter.

4. You who order juice…

The Juice drinker is an incredibly genuine person and you let that drive you through your passions and in social situations. You are in love with life and are constantly looking for new adventures! There isn’t a single person you wouldn’t get along with and you also have a more childish side. A brunch without juice is unthinkable for you, and the morning immediately gets better with a little sugar kick!


5. You who order a cocktail…

Could it be that the brunch place you go to has a whole menu of different drinks to choose from? If you are the one who is constantly looking for a new drink for brunch, it shows that you are always eager to try new things. It could also be that you travel a lot in your life and book a trip as soon as you get a gap in your schedule. In terms of personality, you are brave and you have no problem with taking risks and daring to try something new.

6. You who order Bloody Mary…

This is the drink that reveals your brave but also spontaneous side. The Bloody Mary drinker can also be the sarcastic friend of the bunch and your friends think you’re a funny dot at the brunch table. You have strong opinions and have no problem expressing them. Life has given you many experiences and you like to see life as a party!

7. You who order beer…

You who like to order beer for Sunday brunch definitely see Sunday as a fun day and live by the expression “Sunday Funday”. You might choose something from the lunch menu instead of pancakes and waffles like your friends. One thing is for sure – you bring a party mood to the whole gang and you like to end the week in a fun way. You hate when things are boring and it may be that you are the one among your friends who likes to subject them to pranks.

8. You who order wine…

The wine orderer appreciates life and has a sophisticated lifestyle. The Sunday brunch with the girlfriends is a must for you and even if the wine can make you a little sleepy on a Sunday, it won’t hurt you. For the rest of the day, you are happy to hang out in a relaxed atmosphere at an outdoor restaurant or head home to enjoy a power nap. You’re probably a pro at taking care of yourself and you’re always finding new ways to pamper yourself.


9. You who order a smoothie/milkshake…

This might be the most refreshing drink on the menu and it reveals you as always enjoying the little things in life. You who order a smoothie or milkshake dare to be different and like to see life from different perspectives. After all, according to you, new perspectives lead to the best things in life!

10. You who order water…

Ordering water at brunch is a real power move! It’s an option that’s really healthy and super important for you because your body needs water to function at its best. You who order water know how to find balance in your life and in everything you do. You also know when to keep your thoughts to yourself and what jokes are not appropriate to make in social contexts.

So here are ten different drinks that reveal a lot about your personality according to Elite daily. What do you think – does it suit you and your friends?

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