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10 devices that all fit in a cell phone

Today they all fit in a corner of a smartphone, but these vintage gadgets marked an era and a generation. Iconic.

retro“, “vintage“, whatever you want to call them… The gadgets The most iconic vintages that have marked several generations are probably some that you once had. Others will certainly jog your memory.

Surely you remember the first computer that came to the house. Or the fascination he felt when he sent the first SMS via a mobile phone. Or the hours spent in the bathroom playing Tetris on the Game Boy until my leg went numb.

Over the years, a series of handsets marked the growth of an entire generation. Some are only remembered as a distant memory, others are museum pieces and still others are the target of avid collectors of everything vintage.

So, revisit the past and remember some of the most iconic products ever.

10 vintage gadgets you didn’t even remember

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One of Apple’s most iconic computers was the Macintosh 128K, launched in January 1984. Its name referred to the memory it had available (128K), which at the time was plenty for a device of this type.

This was the computer that paved the way for what the American brand is today. An example of this can be seen in the mouse produced by the company, which at the time only had one button, something that remains to this day on the traditional Apple mouse.

blackberry bold
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O blackberry Bold opened doors for what would come to characterize what is still today one of the most respected brands in the world of mobile phones: a device with a screen and keyboard QWERTY and which until recently was the preferred model of many consumers all over the world.

Launched in 2008, this device preceded other models that can still be found today. One of those classy vintage gadgets.

sega genesis
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Before consoles like Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation, it was SEGA that dominated most of the market. Genesis was, therefore, decisive for the way video games were played – from the time it was launched, in 1988, until today.

This is certainly one of the gadgets vintage that he has very vivid in his memory, for being such a pioneer. The games took the form of blocks that were fitted to the top of the console. Examples of games like Super Mario or Sonic started their success through this device.

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Is it still from the time when you carried CDs everywhere? Then you certainly remember the Sony Discman, one of the first portable music players that allowed you to listen to music anywhere. All he needed was headphones and his favorite CD.

zx spectrum computer

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum was one of the most influential microcomputers of the 1980s. Launched by Sinclair Research, it was a worldwide success. And one of the still much loved vintage gadgets.

The Spectrum connected to a television and had a 40-key keyboard made up of a flexible rubber plate. Many people still remember games like Match Day, Match Point, Chuckie Egg or Decathlon. And, of course, immortal command Load “”

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You pagers are still used today in certain situations, such as medical emergencies.

Its operation inspired most of the mobile phones we know today, especially at a time when, for long-distance communication, this was the preferred device.


Tamagotchi marked several generations, proof of which is the fact that it is still manufactured today.

This small device fit in the palm of your hand and was capable of providing hours of wireless entertainment. The main objective was to take care of the “doll” that lived inside the Tamagotchi.

From cleaning him to feeding him, there was room and time for everything. Keeping this doll alive was the mission of this game, which restarted in case of neglecting to treat the pet.

flip phone
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Another of gadgets most iconic vintage of all time are mobile phones flip which, in addition to inspiring most of the mobile phones we know today, marked several generations.

To work with the device (send messages, make and answer calls) it was necessary to open its upper part, which then had to be closed in order to block the device. Hence its designation “flip“.

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The Walkman predated the Discman and also deserves a place on this list of gadgets most classic ever.

It held the smallest music cassettes and could be taken anywhere. Its buttons and controls allowed you to “pull back” or forward each song, in addition to letting you pause and resume your favorite songs.

game boy
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Nintendo’s Game Boy was the first handheld game console that ever existed. There were several versions that followed the original device, launched in 1989.

Then, on these devices, the choice of colors seemed endless and allowed each person to differentiate themselves from the next by the amount of options that existed.

But the truth is, even today, you can buy a Game Boy of your choice. This was the device that made famous games like Pokémon that, over the years, evolved – like the Game Boy itself, which paved the way for devices like the Game Boy Advance and the Advance SP (much smaller), for example.

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