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10 decorating mistakes to avoid

Meet the 10 decorating mistakes to avoid🇧🇷 When decorating the house, many people end up committing sins. They combine colors the wrong way, exaggerate the number of decorative objects and do not respect space limitations. Read the article to learn about the 10 most frequent mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

10 mistakes to avoid in decorating. (Ilustrative Photo)

What this article covers:

10 decorating mistakes to avoid

We selected the 10 mistakes when decorating. Check out:

  1. Excess of objects

The excess of decorative objects can harm the appearance of the house, because the environment suffers from visual pollution. Therefore, when decorating, try to establish a style and avoid including too many elements. Minimalism is on the rise, so it pays to follow the concept that “less is more”.

  1. short mat

Many people commit the sin of using a short rug in their decoration. In order not to make this mistake in the living room, the ideal is to check that the piece completes all the sofas and armchairs around it. The rug must accompany the furniture so as not to convey the impression of a “short model”.

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  1. Upstairs paintings and portraits

This story of pinning paintings and portraits to the top of the wall is completely wrong. The ideal is to install the pieces at eye level, so that residents and visitors can admire them. Avoid using small frames, as they can make the composition disproportionate.

  1. Exaggeration in colors and prints

Be careful not to overdo it with colors and prints.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Be careful not to overdo it with colors and prints. (Ilustrative Photo)

In an attempt to make the environment more cheerful and fun, many people end up exaggerating in the combination of colors and prints. Decorators recommend abusing color only in details, that is, in cushions, lamps, arrangements, among other elements. Choosing neutral tones is best for furniture and walls.

  1. disproportionate furniture

Between the 10 decorating mistakes to avoid, it is worth noting the choice of disproportionate furniture. These pieces do not meet the limitations of the decorated environment, which is why they are defined as having no proportion. Before buying a piece of furniture, you need to survey the space and take note of the measurements.

  1. Nightstand in small bedroom

If the room has little space, then the best alternative is to give up the nightstand. This piece of furniture is considered a practical item, but it can interfere with the movement of people and the opening of the wardrobe.

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  1. too many sockets

The excess of sockets in the house definitely spoils the decor. The ideal is to install them only in the vicinity of appliances and electronics.

  1. Short or trailing curtains

When the curtain drags on the floor or seems too short, the decor looks sloppy. Try to take notes of the measurements of the right foot to install the piece at the correct height. The distance between the piece and the floor should give the impression that the curtain touches the floor.

  1. mess on display

A fatal mistake when decorating the house is leaving the mess in plain view. Bundled wires, unmade bed and scattered clothes undermine the layout. Combat disorganization by investing in organizers, cabinets and shelves.

Keep the environment always organized.  (Ilustrative Photo)

Keep the environment always organized. (Ilustrative Photo)

  1. Artificial flowers

In an attempt to make the house more cozy and beautiful, many people end up betting on a decoration with artificial flowers. This is not recommended, as the environment looks artificial and outdated. Go for real plants, preferably ones that are easy to care for indoors.

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Now you know the 10 decorating mistakes to avoid🇧🇷 Take advantage of the tips for not committing these common sins when decorating the house.

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