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10 Decisions that will make you poor in 2023 (and how to avoid them)

Achieving wealth is something that requires work and discipline, but you could also be making decisions that will keep you in financial trouble in the future and you don’t even know it.

If you want to turn this situation around, pay close attention to the content that we are going to share with you so that you can identify the decisions that you are not making well, and that you could change immediately.

For this, we are going to rely on the ideas of alex hormoziwho through his Twitter account shares some very interesting ideas to analyze.

Decisions that will keep you poor if you don’t correct them

For starters, if you don’t know who it is alex hormoziIt is important that you know that he is currently known for being an American digital entrepreneur, businessman and investor.

He is the creator and director of acquisition.coman umbrella company that houses a portfolio of companies.

The items covered are: software, services, electronic commerce and physical stores.

Thanks to all he has done in the business world as an entrepreneur, today he is widely regarded as an expert in acquiring and monetizing successful companies.

With this in mind, we believe that it is an excellent reference to keep in mind at times when we ask ourselves:

  • What are we doing wrong economically?
  • What can we do to improve our finances and investment decisions?

Also, Alex Hormozi, shares his knowledge through his YouTube channel, where he talks about how he applies different mind tricks to overcome difficult moments in his business.

Decisions you should avoid if you want to stop being poor

Now yes, we want you to read carefully these 10 points that you could avoid if you want to achieve wealth, or continue committing if you want to stay poor.

The reality is that you only need to use your own intuition to analyze these points that through your twitter account has shared with his followers Alex Hormozi.

Remember that, to change your financial situation, you must read and apply what you find here. It is useless to read without applying. What you will find here is potential power, potential wealth. Only if you apply, can it manifest in your life.

1. Start tomorrow

Whenever you postpone the tasks or processes that you have to do today, you are wasting valuable time that you could invest in other things, even in the enjoyment of your own free time.

If you are never determined to take the first step, then you are never going to start that idea, that dream or profitable business that you have been trying to build for years.

2. Read books, do nothing

It is useless for you to read countless books if you do not put into practice anything you learn in them.

In fact, many people feel like they already know it all, that when they read a book, they really aren’t getting any immediate gain and remain in their own ignorance.

3. Take financial advice from poor people.

The reality is that you need to surround yourself with people who add value to your life, who have gone through difficult times, but have managed to get out of them with effort and motivation.

Do not follow advice from someone who is not consistent with what they say and do, much less with what is reflected in their own lives.

4. Choose a partner who makes you feel guilty for working too hard.

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Having a partner who supports you in your business ideas and accompanies you on the path that this implies is one of the keys to getting ahead.

Entrepreneurs know that among the biggest challenges of building a successful business, is the time that must be invested, the effort and the discipline that is required to start it up.

Therefore, all the support you receive will be an impulse to achieve your goals.

5. Fail once, give up forever

If you want to remain poor in the future, then you must give up every time you have a failure.

This is surely one of the biggest mistakes that we often make; by failing once, we feel that we are not going to be able to achieve it, even, sometimes, you have to try tirelessly until you manage to find the solution.

None of the successful businessmen who are today great references, gave up before the limitations or before the first failed attempt.

6. Blame your circumstances

Those who spend their time blaming circumstances, the environment, the economic situation of the country where they live, never get ahead because they are not capable of looking at the big picture.

Taking charge of what you can change is the first step, then keep learning to adjust and improve no matter what is happening outside.

7. Blame other people.

How much do you take responsibility for your actions and your current situation?

It is very common to see how people blame each other, never accept their mistakes and go through life thinking that others must change.

If we all understood how easy it is to accept the mistake, apologize, find solutions and move on, the world would really be much more harmonious.

Remember that until you accept your own reality and your current situation as a consequence of your decisions, you will never be able to change your present.

8. Wait for the government to bail you out

If you are always waiting for the government or public institutions to provide you with your livelihood or solve your problems, then you are doomed to be poor.

If you want to better manage your money and achieve financial freedom, then you must get down to business and not depend on anyone else to generate your own income.

Governments many times have programs that they do not carry out, and you could be expecting a minimum when you could be getting resources in abundance.

9. Value the opinions of others above your own

It is important to know how to listen to external advice and opinions, however it is necessary that you form your own criteria.

Each person is a universe and their story is very different from the rest, so it is important that you filter all the recommendations that they give you, and that you use the best for your own life.

As that motivational phrase puts it, He only listens to constructive criticism from whoever has built something.

10. Complain

If you want to stay stuck and remain poor, then keep complaining about your circumstances, about your life, about your limitations.

That will not allow you to move forward because you will be focused all the time on the negative, without finding solutions and without having the willingness to improve your conditions in any way.

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Here is an extra list of things that will keep you poor in 2023

decisions that will keep you poor

eleven. Keep thinking that the world is fair.

12. Avoid discomfort.

13. Tolerate mediocrity.

14. Make promises, then break those promises.

fifteen. Wait for the perfect conditions.

16. Prioritize looking rich, instead of learning how to be a millionaire.

17. Avoid working on what is really worth it.

18. Stay busy but never achieve anything.

19. Say you’re going to do something but don’t do it.

twenty. Do what 99% of people do and you will never be the 1%.

twenty-one. Do the best you can, instead of doing what needs to be done.

22. Talk more, do less.

23. Start something new today, start something new tomorrow, repeat.

24. Make a mistake, repeat the mistake.

25. Find something that works, then stop doing it.

26. Assume that you are always right.

27. Take things personally and then let your emotions control you.

28. Increase your income, increase your expenses too.

29. Be indecisive.

30. Compare yourself with people who are poorer than you, to feel better.

31. Do what everyone else does without expecting different results.

Build your wealth by avoiding these mistakes

In short, you have two paths, one is to take charge of your decisions and commit yourself to carry out your ideas and dreams without giving up.

Or you can keep making the same mistakes over and over and complaining because you don’t get a positive or different result.

What decision would you make now that you understand the difference?

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