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10 dark circles correctors to use without foundation and always look good

For a more natural make-up or for more rushed days, dark circles correctors are great allies. We have 10 suggestions.

More and more, naturalness is present in our fashion and beauty choices, with products that are more intelligent, efficient, lightweight, environmentally friendly and that, of course, give us a well-groomed but very soft look. And when it comes to makeup, this is a current premise. We want good air, imperfections corrected, but we understand that the secret is, most of the time, the daily care of the skin. Clean, toned and hydrated skin is the ideal canvas for skin care products. makeup look more natural. However, there are also other tricks to bring more lightness to the look – and one of them is to give up the base and bet on the odd combination of dark circles correctors and illuminators.

The 10 correctors that we suggest are great for this natural effect, but there are more benefits: they also reduce the signs of fatigue and imperfections, for a rested appearance, and they moisturize.

In common, they all have their high coverage capacity – for that very reason, you can use them without foundation on a day-to-day basis – but nothing prevents you from also using them with foundation, when you want a make-up with a more striking effect.

Efficient dark circles correctors, which mitigate signs of tiredness and skin imperfections

10 options to use without foundation or with foundation

1. Synchro Skin Gelstick Concealer, Shiseido

An innovative stick, with 3 gel textures. great skin perfector, which corrects and conceals all types of skin imperfections. It melts into the skin’s texture for a natural finish. Hydrates all day.


2. Light Reflecting Concealer, Make Up Factory

This concealer makes signs of fatigue disappear in seconds. With light-reflecting pigments, it is ideal for correcting small redness, wrinkles and dark circles, for a fresher and more radiant complexion. The applicator brush provides precise and easy application. Ideal to always carry with you in your wallet.


3. Air Brush Concealer, Clinique

Concealer with brush applicator that illuminates and corrects skin imperfections. Naturally brightens and smoothes lines and dark circles, while camouflaging darker areas and redness. Very practical to apply and can be used even without foundation.


4.Soft Matte Complete Concealer, Nars

Provides coverage with a smooth, natural matte finish. Disguises and smoothes imperfections. Contributes to improving the appearance of the skin in the long term. Its creamy and smooth formula applies very easily with the finger and blends in with a completely natural second-skin effect.


5. Born this Way Concealer, Too Faced

Luminous anti-dark circles, instantly conceals imperfections, dark circles and wrinkles. Full coverage, with the unique blend of colors offers the appearance of flawless skin. It has several benefits for the skin: coconut water, Alpine rose and hyaluronic acid. Apply before or after foundation, or even alone.


6. High coverage anti-dark circles, Sephora Collection

A new generation anti-dark circles, which combines a high-coverage formula with a fluid, soft and ultra-light texture. An optimal correction of dark circles and other small imperfections, without a dense appearance, for a fresh and rested look. Smoothes the eye contour, with a long-lasting effect.


7. Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer Hydrating Concealer, Benefit

Moisturizes and smoothes the complexion with a lightweight finish. Enriched with Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract, it camouflages dark circles and blurs fine lines for smooth, satiny skin. It is proven to keep skin hydrated for up to six hours. Thanks to its light formula, Boi-ing Hydrating creates the perfect veil for your imperfections.


8. Highlighter + Corrector, Douglas

This corrector for dark circles and other imperfections is also an illuminator, to achieve a smooth and perfect result. Very easy to apply, you can take it with you everywhere for small touch-ups throughout the day. The excellent price / quality ratio makes this broker an excellent option for you.


9. Perfect Match Concealer, L’Oréal

This concealer available in 5 shades is perfect for your skin. You will find the ideal shade for you in order to achieve perfect coverage. Easy to apply and very smooth, this concealer for dark circles and other imperfections is very smooth and creamy.


10. High coverage concealer, who said Berenice?

A high coverage concealer, effective both on dark circles and other skin imperfections. It lasts up to 8 hours and can be easily used without foundation. Does not leave the skin oily and is available in 3 colors to adapt perfectly to your skin tone.


These dark circles concealers to be used without makeup foundation are excellent options for managing to camouflage the signs of tiredness – and even for disguising signs of aging. They are also enriched and intelligent products that treat the skin, offering essential nutrients for correct hydration.

Another piece of good news is that, as they are small and very easy to use, they can also be taken everywhere and thus, at any time, correct or touch up your make-up.

If what you need is a light makeup for everyday wear, which is luminous and natural, you will find excellent purchases in these options to include in your beauty routine.

Do you know any of them? Ever experienced? If not yet, maybe it’s time to put the foundation away in the drawer and try soft and natural makeup, so that the daily look never weighs you down.

Article originally published in November 2018. Updated in September 2022.

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