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10 Countries that will make you rich for speaking Spanish

Did you know that the Spanish language is one of the most demanded by companies in the United States? That is why you should consider these countries that will make you rich for speaking Spanish.

And not only in the United States will you find this great opportunity, but also in the rest of the world there is the possibility of obtaining excellent remuneration thanks to the fact that you speak Spanish.

We invite you to continue reading this article and discover how you can achieve it and in which places you have open doors to achieve this goal.

How to make money speaking Spanish around the world

Although this is not the only requirement, it is a step to start on the path to the long-awaited financial freedom.

And it is that the search for economic and labor stability may never end, it only evolves.

Sometimes you have the desire to make a radical change in your life: and traveling to other places may be the answer to achieve it.

There is no doubt that being Hispanic and migrating may not be very easy at first, especially understanding that not everyone is looking for the right path.

However, nowadays, you find so many possibilities that the only thing that is needed is that you are well informed and prepare to work towards it.

Especially if you know how to take advantage of the fact that by speaking Spanish you already have a competitive advantage, as there are many companies requesting this feature exclusively to apply.

Thanks to a study by preplyin this article we can tell you a little about these cities and what you could generate in monthly income thanks to the fact that for speaking English they could pay you a lot of money.

Keep in mind that the values ​​that we share with you were taken and converted to euros in the month of May 2022. Naturally they could have changed but they will serve as a reference to understand the concept of income that we will share with you below.

Top 10 countries that pay you to speak Spanish

It is important that you analyze your plans, goals and what you want to achieve very well if you want to take advantage of this wonderful advantage that speaking Spanish offers you.

If you also decide to travel to any of these countries, study well what the legal requirements are to reside in each of themwhat are the areas that Spanish-speaking professionals are looking for, what professional characteristics are required in addition to language, etc.

It is also essential that you do not trust yourself just because you speak the language, keep yourself in constant professional training, study and strengthen your skills in the field in which you work.

Fluency comes from reading, investing in your ongoing education, and how prepared you are to deal with various issues in the workplace.

10. Rome, Italy

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The Italian capital is one of the cities where you will be paid very well for speaking Spanish.

Keep in mind that not all areas require the use of this language, and that you may need to master technical terms very well in some of them.

You will be able to find work in Spanish such as: customer service, business controller, currier, commercial employee, company logistics, among many others.

It is estimated that they can generate income of up to 63,000 euros a year.

9. Lille, France

This city in the north of France is considered a great cultural center within the country, with a lot of young people and a very dynamic atmosphere.

Do not forget that you will be in one of the most important countries in Europe and that the business opportunities are very wide if you know how to take advantage of them.

Here you could find jobs like aupaircustomer service representative, accounting specialist, commercial manager, leading developer of technology projects, manager of marketing processes, among others.

Salary figures can reach approximately 64,500 euros per year.

8. Austin, USA

This is one of the cities where you will get paid to speak Spanish.

It is the capital of Texas and is well known for country music, but also for being a city where the quality of life is quite good.

It is surrounded by green areas and this makes it very attractive for those who wish to settle down and form a family.

Here you could find work in Spanish as: Financial services associate, senior executive in an insurance company, director of sales, among many others.

The salary you could aspire to is on average approximately $76,200 per year.

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7. Paris, France

The truth is that this city speaks for itself, it could be the dream of many to live here and especially if they pay you to speak Spanish.

This is called the city of lights, it houses one of the most important museums in the world and brings together people from anywhere, which makes it quite cosmopolitan.

In that sense, you will find a wide range of job opportunities such as: Tutor specialized in Spanish, user experience specialist, Account Executive, among others.

Approximately you could generate annual income of 85,600 euros.

6. Boston, USA

This is one of the safest cities to live in the United States, even its quality of life is well above some European capitals.

Although it is a city where there are many inhabitants, you will be able to enjoy the culture and history that it shelters as it is one of the most important cities in the United States.

Not to mention that the universities that you find there are of great renown worldwide.

The job positions that you could access if you speak Spanish are: Language instructor, representative of the tourism sector, translator, sales representative, among others.

The annual salary could reach approximately $87,400.

5. Bordeaux, France

This is another of the cities that will make you rich if you speak Spanish. As long as you know how to discover the best job opportunity for you.

In this city there are many international companies that have their headquarters here, in this way you could be at the gates of great possibilities.

Nevertheless, it is important that you also take advantage of your time and start learning Frenchsince this will be, in some cases, an extra requirement.

Some of these jobs are related to the field of gastronomy, culture and customer service.

The annual salary you could aspire to is approximately 96,600 euros.

4. Seattle, USA

Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, one of the most modern in the United States.

There you will find skyscrapers where great businessmen and successful entrepreneurs have turned their dreams into very profitable businesses.

With this in mind, you should consider this city that will make you rich if you speak Spanish.

Some of the jobs you could access are related to: customer service, process supervision, language instructor, translator, among others.

The salary that you can access annually if you live in Seattle, and work speaking Spanish, is approximately $102,000.

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3. Strasbourg, France

This city officially houses the European Parliament and is located on the border with Germany.

With this strategic location, you will not only be able to move around French territory, but you could also travel a little further without having to spend a fortune, just by crossing the border.

Make sure you meet the legal work requirements and have all your documentation up to date.

Among the job options you have are: marketing specialist, sales manager, commercial executive, translator, among others.

You could have annual income of up to approximately 135,000 euros if you decide to look for a job that pays you to speak Spanish.

2. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario, one of the trending cities in recent years as it has a very good quality of life.

Keep in mind that the seasons are radical, that you will have months of intense cold, but you will also be able to enjoy much friendlier climates in the summer and spring months.

This is not a minor issue if you are Hispanic and you are used to a tropical climate, but it is not a limitation to make a real change of life, like the one made by those who become digital nomads traveling the world.

Here you can find job positions such as: professional services consultant, service analyst, digital marketing specialist, among others.

You could earn up to approximately 167,000 euros as an annual salary.

1. Ottawa, Canada

Finally we come to top countries that will make you rich if you speak spanish and the respective cities that offer you this possibility.

In this case, in the number one position, we find Ottawa, a Canadian city.

The good news is that you should not apply to a face-to-face job, as you have other options.

Thanks to platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, UpWork, among others, you could be a freelance professional who generates very interesting income by offering your services digitally.

The positions that you could access are: bilingual customer service advisor, software developer, account executive in digital projects, digital marketing specialist, among others.

You can earn up to approximately 185,000 euros per year for working speaking Spanish in this city.

Choose one of these countries and generate income speaking Spanish

Finally, thoroughly research each city and its respective country; working conditions, lifestyle, and everything that has to do with residing permanently there.

Contact the companies with which you would like to work and make good use of the digital platforms that offer you a range of possibilities in the job search.

Strengthen your knowledge and continue investing in your professional skills so that you can achieve your dreams and have a secure financial future in an intelligent way.

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