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10 Controversial Heroes Who Should Never Have Existed

The current cinema and above all the Marvel movies, show us heroes with great superpowers, very handsome and with the intention of wanting to save the world at all times. Even the actors who play the roles in the movies have to be an example for the children to follow.

If the production companies wanted to make a movie of the heroes that we are going to show next, it would change the story radically.

Superheroes That Should Never Have Existed

1- Ebony White

DC Comics

The Spirit hero chauffeur represents all the racist stereotypes of the timeyou only have to see it to realize that this character could not work in the comic book universe.

2- Gin Genie

screenshot 2018 07 31 at 12.21.31

A superheroine who need to get drunk For her powers to appear, the more alcohol she has in her blood, the more powerful she becomes. It is not necessary to say much more about this character to realize that for the fight she was not very effective. If this was not enough, she uses her powers to become famous and appear on television.

3- Big Bertha

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In her private life, she is an attractive model and famous all over the world, but when she has to save the world, her body gains almost 300 kilos, allowing her to have superhuman strength.

When you finish your job, vomit everything that has gained weight and she continues with her life as a model, although it seems like an interesting story, her development in the comics was not so interesting.


screenshot 2018 07 31 at 12.23.35
dc comics

He is the assistant and friend of the Green Lantern, a great person who, when given the opportunity to have powers, decides to stay with his family. The problem is in the name that was given to this hero. Pieface is a racial slurespecially used for Asian people, as our character was.

5- Superman and Captain America

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dc comics

These heroes who now seem like an example to follow were not in the beginning. They were represented as strong white person exampleand used as war propaganda in the comics to fight the Japanese.

In addition, in the case of Superman, according to his origins he comes from a planet where the people of color were exiled to another planet to live only with his kind.

6- Codepiece

screenshot 2018 07 31 at 12.27.23
dc comics

a man who was rejected by women for his size and that he also had a complex about having small genitals. To stop feeling self-conscious, he decides to create a device made up of a multitude of weapons and place it in his crotch, little else to add.

7- Clover

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they wanted it to exist an irish superhero and they couldn’t think of anything else but to put a red-haired girl in a green suit with a clover on her chest… If this wasn’t enough, her power was to have good luck, this character did not last long as a heroine. She ironically broke her leg and withdrew.

8- Enchantress

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DC Comics

An all-powerful sorceress with a hulking body that caused men to lose their heads over her. Instead of fighting evil, she used her weapons to seduce men, a example of how to sexualize a heroine.

9- Strange

screenshot 2018 07 31 at 12.31.46
DC Comics

One of the first gay heroes of history. Being written by an author who did not know what it meant to be gay, the character was quickly filled with stereotypes such as being overly feminine. To top it off, his greatest enemy is neither more nor less than the AIDS vampire.

10- Anarchist, AKA Captain Coconut

screenshot 2018 07 31 at 12.33.17

He grew up in a Caucasian neighborhood, and he thought his skin was so black because he was dirtyhis obsession with getting clean led to him having powers such as secreting acid through his body.

When he saw that it was impossible to get clean, he decided to use his powers for good. His nickname, Captain Coconut comes from the fact that, although he is black on the outside inside is considered white.

Which of these heroes do you find most offensive? Did they do well to disappear?

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