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10 common mistakes we ALL make when fixing our eyebrows

Eyebrows have recently become perhaps our most important accessory. We have probably never been as concerned about our brows as we are now. With that comes some mistakes we might make. Here you will find the mistakes we would like to avoid but make anyway.

Photo: Tweezerman/Anastasia Beverly Hills

A pair of fine brows can really make a look and lift a face, but a pair of sloppily plucked brows or brows that are too heavily filled in can almost do the opposite. We’ve probably all at some point gotten loose with the tweezers without really knowing what we were doing or filled in the brows with a much too dark pencil. Some habits may be ingrained from the past and perhaps we have continued to make the same mistakes we did then. Below, we have collected 10 things we should absolutely not do when plucking or applying make-up to our brows.

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