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10 Celebrities who have left everything to have a “normal” life

We think that fame and money fix everythingBut we couldn’t be more wrong. Many of us could not bear to feel watched every day, not being able to go shopping without being photographed or criticized for everything we do.

Some celebrities have succumbed to that pressure and have given up their glamorous lives to lead a much more normal one.

Goodbye fame, hello normal life

1- Hayden Christensen – Farmer

After his role in starwars, many doors were opened for him, but he rejected them. He didn’t like fame, so decided to buy land in Ontario and build his own farm.

2- Kevin Jonas – Businessman

He is the only one of the Jonas brothers who has not followed his path in music. Instead of him, the singer decided lead a marketing company and buy an online video company with which he does more than well.

3- Chris Owen – Photographer

Universal Pictures

He was one of the most popular actors in the ’90s, but he soon found himself out of a job. He worked as a waiter in a restaurant until, finally, He quit and took up photography.

4- Gene Hackman – Writer


Despite his success as an actor and the large number of awards he has won throughout his career, he gave up everything to be a writer. It has already been published three historical novels.

5- Dylan Sprouse – Brewmaster

It may sound a bit strange, but it’s true. Dylan Sprouse gave up his television career to open his own bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

6- Nikki Blonsky – Cosmetologist

New Line Cinema

After his success with Hairspraythe actress left Hollywood for return to New York and open her own cosmetics store. In 2013, she briefly returned to television with an appearance on the series Smash.

7- Vanilla Ice – Interior designer

In 1990, he was the most loved singer thanks to his success Ice Ice Baby. However, after numerous personal problems, the singer decided to dedicate himself to renovating houses.

8- Geena Davis – Activist

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New Line Cinema

The actress left the world of acting, but not completely. She realized that women did not have much presence in the press and movies, so he founded a company and sees to it that this changes. In 2016, she briefly returned to the small screen with a role on Grey’s Anatomy.

9- Freddie Prince Jr – Chef

One of the most beloved actors in the cinema of twenty years ago. Married to Sarah Michelle Gellaralso an actress, left everything to dedicate herself to cooking.

10- Jack Gleeson – Student

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HBO // Twitter @JackGleeson_

Despite his fame after passing through Game of Thrones, Jack Gleeson has left everything to finish their studies and does not plan to return to television or cinema in the immediate future.

Why do you think these celebrities have left show business? Too much fame? Much sacrifice?

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