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10 Artificial Intelligence Tools to generate income

Today it is essential to be aware of what is happening at a technological level, and how we can take advantage of it for our field of action. That is why in this article we want to share the artificial intelligence tools that will help you achieve your financial freedom if you apply them to your business.

It is possible that the amount of offer of these tools leaves us a bit overwhelmed, for this reason you must study each one very well and decide which is the most appropriate for your objectives and your professional field.

Without a doubt, using them can make you earn money online, since you will be saving time on tasks that are solved almost immediately with these alternatives.

Artificial intelligence tools to earn money

We would like you to keep in mind that while these tools could make you money, it will all depend on how you take advantage of their features.

Becoming a millionaire overnight is not something that happens with these tools, or with magic tricks or recipes.

It takes having a plan and following it with discipline and determination, no matter how much technological assistance you have.

What is certain is that these artificial intelligence tools are here to stay and their benefits are truly applicable to any business if you know how to take advantage of them.

Especially if you are starting an online business, these tools could be your best allies to solve technical issues without having to have specific knowledge in the area.

Due to the impact they are having, most digital entrepreneurs are paying close attention to these tools. This is why we want to share these alternatives that we find very striking and functional.

Stay reading until the end, choose the ones that best suit your business model and start using them to achieve your financial freedom.

Options to earn money with artificial intelligence

Before starting, it is important that you understand that some of these digital tools are paid, others have free trials, and there are also free options.

So before making any decision, first study them, test them and determine which ones suit your professional or personal needs.

1. Unbounce Smart copy

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If you are one of the entrepreneurs who need to generate content all the time; It doesn’t matter if it is about profitable blog entries, texts for social networks, or informative texts for your business, this tool is ideal for you.

All you have to do is enter the idea of ​​what you need to write, and in minutes the tool will start developing the rest of the text.

You can make changes, adjustments or whatever you need if you consider it necessary. The important thing is that this tool will be a backup for when you are not flowing with the generation of written content.

This will help you increase your productivity by focusing on other tasks while relying on a platform that helps you write what you need.

2. vidyo

If you want to use one artificial intelligence tool to help you solve video editing issues, this is the option you need to evaluate.

It also allows you to easily create and put subtitles, give it a particular aesthetic to suit your personal brand, and everything, with just one click.

With this, you will have optimized content to upload to social networks, your niche website or share it on any digital platform, monetizing while managing to share valuable information with your audience.

3. QuickChat

This is a tool that you have surely heard mentioned, as it has characteristics similar to how ChatGPT works.

Its technology is designed to create dialogues that simulate interaction with a human being, that is, more organic, close conversations aimed at resolving questions or doubts of any kind.

If you think about it, this can be a great solution if you have to answer queries from your audience and you don’t have enough time to solve them.

For many people, this is not so positive, as they fear that this technology will replace human contact, but the reality is that you will definitely have to be in charge of the tool to guide it towards your specific objectives.

4. CopyMonkey

This is a very useful tool for organic brand positioning based on keyword optimization.

CopyMonkey uses artificial intelligence to generate and optimize Amazon listings in an agile and practical way.

Basically what it does is, it places all the important keywords so that it ranks organically on the first page of Amazon.

Access the tool here.

5. cleanvoice

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If in your business idea you must work with voice content on digital channels, it is very important that you look for tools with which you can optimize what you record.

Has it happened to you that you use fillers or words that don’t work well, even sounds that make what you’re saying lose professionalism?

With this artificial intelligence tool, you will be able to eliminate all that detracts from the quality of your content and you will have an excellent product to offer your audience.

Undoubtedly, these types of tools will allow you to earn money in a sustained way with your business.

6. PodCastle

One of the best ways to earn money online doing what you are passionate about is by creating a podcast.

With this artificial intelligence toolyou will have technological support to create your Podcast episodes in an agile and very practical way, with high quality audio and even video.

The philosophy of this tool is to democratize access to technical tools to create audio and video in a professional way to turn it into an online business model.

Among its functions is to eliminate external noise, convert audio to text, edit audio and video, and finally to record audio to materialize the ideas of your podcast.

7. Puzzle

The most interesting thing about this artificial intelligence tools is that it is an open source platform.

This is very appealing to developers, as they could use this feature to modify the application, improve it, and keep it in a state of continuous improvement.

With this tool you can create mobile applications and services different from those found in the market, simply by entering statistical data or technical information. Puzzle will do the rest.

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8. Maverick

If in your business it is necessary to have the data and analysis of your customers, then this artificial intelligence tool will help you keep the information at hand and up to date.

You will be able to analyze the behavior of your customers or your online community. With this you will have the adequate information to make strategic decisions about what you have been doing, to improve the experience of your followers.

This tool is very useful, regardless of whether you offer products or services, because many times it is not so easy to identify in which part of the entire chain, you could be losing the interest of your interested public.

9. ocoya

If you need to use a platform with which you can create, auto-generate and schedule content on your social networks in a more agile way, this is an excellent option.

You will also be able to manage all content marketing, writing articles and copy for all your digital channels.

Undoubtedly, by optimizing these processes, you will be able to increase your followers by sharing content that really works for them, and thus generate very good income with your profitable business.

10. StockImg

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More and more options to solve design problems are present in the digital world.

How to take advantage of this tool to generate income? You will be able to create designs in minutes; for example for book covers, eBooks, graphics for your website and even icons.

The fact is that this artificial intelligence platform proposes to minimize the times in which you could get a design with traditional software, and speed up the processes to advance in everyday tasks.

Generate recurring income by leveraging technology

Finally, it is important that you have defined your business idea or if it is already underway, that you identify the points where you could improve thanks to the artificial intelligence tools that we have just shared with you.

Do not forget that the success of all this will depend on the strategic capacity that you have to put them to good use.

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