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10 Actors Were Unintentionally Forced Into Movies

Many times we question the choices of the actors when they appear in a film that seems not to be their style.

This happens because many of them are forced to participate in contract films with the producers and not because they really want to. We show you some of the cases.

Actors forced to participate in films

1- Natalie Portman in Thor: The Dark World


Despite the success of the first part, Natalie Portman did not want to continue in this type of film, but the contract with Marvel forced her to participate in the second.

Apparently, the actress was glad when Marvel changed history and he omitted his character in the third part of the saga.

2- Jennifer Garner in Elektra

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

She got into the role of this heroine for the Daredevil movie, which forced her by contract to make her own movie. She shot it without problems, but it has always been said that she did not want to and that she did not feel comfortable with the role. In fact, he never talks about it.

3- Val Kilmer in Top Gun

Paramount Pictures

Cruise and Kilmer were crowned with this film, but the latter did not want anything to do with it, in fact he continues to deny it. The only reason he made it was the contractual obligation with Paramount Pictures, the producer of this tape.

4- Keenu Reeves in The Observer


Apparently, when Keenu Reeves was on tour with his Dogstar group, film director Joe Charbanic made a documentary of everything that happened. Later, taking advantage of Reeves’ fame after matrixit is said that the director used his signature to sign a contract for this film and, for not fighting with him, the actor accepted.

5- Whoopi Goldberg in Teodoro Rex

J&M Entertainment

The actress was nominated for a Worst Performance Award for this film. She did not want to participate in this filming, but her contract with the studio forced her and It has been a black stain on his career.

6- Shia LaBeouf in Transformers

Paramount Pictures

The first film in the saga was a complete success, but the second one lost its way a bit and earned much criticism. Thus, the actor did not want to appear in the third but he had already signed the contract and he had to do it.

7- Emily Blunt in Gulliver’s Travels

Dune Entertainment / Davis Entertainment. Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Emily Blunt saw her career rocket to fame thanks to The Devil Seen by Prada in 2006. The problem was that the actress had an exclusive contract with Fox Studios. This led her to participate almost by obligation in the film Gulliver’s Travels by request of the producer.

8- Bill Murray in Garfield

20th Century Fox

The reason why Bill Murray gave this cat a voice is nothing other than confusion. When the script reached him, it was thought to be a tape by renowned director Joel Coen and he signed the contract. He later found out that it was Joel Cohen.

9- Marlon Brando in Desiree

20th Century Fox

Apparently, the actor did not want to participate in this film in any way, but by contract he was obliged to do so. He hated her so much that he consciously forgot the script, was late for shooting and tried to boycott the film by all means. It was a success as well.

10- Roy Scheider in Jaws 2

Universal Pictures

He rose to fame for the first part of this film, but the second was only done by obligation of contract with Universal.

Did you know that these actors did not want to participate in the movies they starred in?

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