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1.9 million inappropriate discounts on IPTU in the city hall of RJ

Above all, certain icons of architecture in the state of Rio de Janeiro collected around BRL 1.9 million with respect to IPTU in the year 2019 to 2020, according to failures in the city hall’s registration. In other words, the Municipal Secretary of Finance and Planning (SMPF), performs a series of fine-tooth combs on the records of 2,700 properties that received exemptions that were, at first glance, provided for by law.

What this article covers:

Understand the undue discounts at 1.9 IPTU by the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro

Beforehand, these hotels created around 1940, in the case of Novo Mundo which had a rebate of R$ 860.5 thousand, had to be opened for certain important visitors to be received for the 1950 World Cup. In 2019, its doors had to be closed and only in 2020, after undergoing a retrofit, did it reopen under another name, Uliving Rio.

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In other words, a 60% discount could never be used for two reasons, and the first of them would be: this hotel ceases to be a lodging hotel from the moment it closed its doors in 2019, and the second reason : there were debts in the amount of R$ 9 million, which were already included in the Active Debt of the Union.

It will always be necessary to be up to date with all debts to avoid losing to be entitled to the conditions offered by this benefit. In this case, the company that financially takes care of the Novo Mundo, claims that they never ceased to be a hotel, in addition to having all the debts up to date.

Who is entitled to the IPTU discount?

First, note that only widows, underage children and people with special needs remain exempt from debt payment fees. Incidentally, houses that have an inventory will continue to be exempt from receiving possible IPTU tributes from the city hall of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Finally, only seniors who strictly follow these requirements will be free of charges: be 60 years old or older; live locally; have an income of up to three minimum wages, in addition to not owning any other property. It is concluded, therefore, that the value of this elderly person’s residence cannot exceed R$ 63,686.

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