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07 Situations that came out of The Simpsons to real life

The animated series The Simpsons has a history of making parodies using personalities from the United States and around the world, always relating them to situations of the future. On the air for 16 years, this cartoon full of criticism of our society has just hit yet another premonition, showing Trump as president of the United States. Nonetheless, situations who went from The Simpsons to real life not few.

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Situations that came out of The Simpsons to real life

Situations that came out of The Simpsons for real life (Photo: Disclosure)

01 – Donald Trump President

With the consolidation of Donald Tramp in power, the image of The Simpsons series went viral on social networks. So let’s show you more situations where The Simpsons nailed what would happen in the future.

simpsons donald trump president

President Donald Trump (Photo: Disclosure)

The episode that makes Trump president even before saying that he had the intention of governing the most powerful country in the world (Trump was elected last November 8th) is called “Bart to the Future” and aired on March of the year 2000 for the first time. On the occasion Lisa becomes president and says: “We inherited a budget crisis from President Trump”.

02 – pokemon go

Pokémon Go (Photo: Disclosure)

Pokémon Go (Photo: Disclosure)

If you enjoy the game pokemon go, know that in the Simpsons it already existed. In the episode that mentions the game, the coincidences are huge, showing Homer playing the game on his cell phone, capturing Pokémon on the street using pokeballs.

03 – Neymar injury in the World Cup

Neymar injury (Photo: Disclosure)

Neymar injury (Photo: Disclosure)

In 2014 Neymar is injured and is out of part of the World Cup. If you thought this was impossible, the creators of The Simpsons didn’t. They simply predicted this in an episode where Homer’s family comes to Brazil and the father of the family becomes a World Cup referee, right in the game where Neymar is injured and substituted.

04 – Germany win over Brazil in the World Cup

Germany's World Cup Victory

Germany’s World Cup Victory

And it wasn’t enough to guess that Neymar would leave the World Cup injured, the drawing even guessed who would eliminate Brazil. The only thing missing was Germany beating Brazil 7X1.

05 – FIFA Scandal

FIFA scandal (Photo: Disclosure)

FIFA scandal (Photo: Disclosure)

Before the police even talk about any possible FIFA scandal, lo and behold, The Simpsons does.

06 – “Star Wars” and “Alvin and the Chipmunks” in theaters

Movies in theaters (Photo: Disclosure)

Movies in theaters (Photo: Disclosure)

The cartoon The Simpsons also predicted that the movie “Star Wars” would be showing at the same time as “Alvin and the Chipmunks” in the cinema.

07 – Fraud in the American elections

Election fraud (Photo: Disclosure)

Election fraud (Photo: Disclosure)

The cartoon episode also raised the issue of possible fraud in the United States Elections. In 2008 the same thing happened, they had to remove a ballot box from Pennsylvania that changed the votes for John McCain instead of confirming the vote for Barack Obama.

In an episode of The Simpsons of the same year, before the elections, the same thing happened to Homer when voting for Obama, but at the time the opponent was Mitt Romney.

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