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07 Curiosities about Mc Donalds that you can’t even imagine!

Get to know the Curiosities about Mc Donalds that many people have never heard of. say that the McDonalds uses in its composition a hamburger made of worms is not by far the greatest curiosity about the franchise that conquered the world with its fast food system of serving snacks. There are many myths and truths about this place loved or hated by people.

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Know the curiosities about mc donalds that you probably don’t know!

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McDonald’s is the first job for many in the US

In the United States, it is common for young people to start their professional lives in a restaurant or snack bar. But what many people don’t know is that in the US, Mc Donald’s is one of the biggest employers of young workers. For every eight American workers, at least one has worked at McDonald’s.

And in the land of Uncle Sam, the salary is much higher than in Brazil. An employee at the snack bar chain in Tupiniquim soil earns almost as much per day as an employee in the same position at a McDonald’s snack bar earns per hour. One more curiosity about Mc: The network is the largest employer in Brazil in the segment.

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Mc Donald’s: product differences

different snacks

McDonald’s snacks change according to where they are made in the world (Photo: Disclosure)

To adapt to the local taste, Mc Donald’s is not the same in all countries that have snack bars. In England, for example, a sandwich made only with bacon and cheese is sold, called “Bacon Roll”, which does not even exist in the Brazilian chain. In Germany, on the other hand, it is possible to buy beer at the Mc and in Japan, you can buy a bacon and potato pie to accompany your snack.

Changing the name of snacks in different countries is also very common, as certain expressions are impossible to understand correctly if changed in context. O “Block” from Mc Donald’s in France is called “Royale with Cheese”, as they do not use the same metric system as in Brazil. In this way, they do not recognize a block in the sense of square footage of streets. This also happens in other countries that use another type of metric, joining the list of mcdonald’s trivia🇧🇷

07 Facts about Mc Donalds

  1. McDonald’s sells more toys than Hasbro and Mattel
  2. McDonald’s feeds about 1% of the world’s population every day
  3. The first McDonald’s sold hot dogs, not hamburgers.
  4. Ronald McDonald was based on a real person
  5. The restaurant’s corn muffin has more calories than an all-American, overstuffed donut;
  6. Antarctica is the only continent without a Mc Donald’s branch;
  7. Mc Donald’s would be a wealthier nation than Mongolia.

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