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06 Ways to earn diamonds in Free Fire ?

If you are a gamer and want to learn how to earn diamonds in free fireread the tutorial we prepared for you to leave full of diamonds and buy the most F0D4$ SKINS in the game!!!

Currently, Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the world. Democratic, it is one of the games that can be played on – practically – any model of smartphone, which allowed the entry of people from all types and places of the globe.

With that, the game added around 182 million downloads in the year 2018, making it the second most downloaded mobile battle royale game.

If you are part of that number and the game is already part of your routine, this text is for you! Below you can see how to earn diamonds in free fire in a more facilitated way.

What this article covers:

? How to earn diamonds in Free Fire? ??

Well, the easiest way to get diamonds in the game is – obviously – buying the currency. However, we know that not everyone has enough money to spend on the game, so we’ve put together some tips to earn diamonds in a simpler way;

It is worth mentioning here that the tips that we are going to mention here are legal ways to get the coin.

On the internet, there are endless promises of earning free diamonds, and many people end up falling for these scams.

Given that, always pay close attention to the sites you access around there. In 2019, it is estimated that more than 300,000 Brazilians were deceived by such scams, and account loss is common in these cases.

Opinion Rewards

The first method of getting free diamonds is through Opinion Rewards. Basically, you will have to go to the Google Play Store and search for “Google Opinion Rewards” and install it.

This is an application from Google itself, and you will have to answer some polls that it will send you, and when you answer them, credits will be validated in your Google Play account automatically.

From that balance, you can buy diamonds within Free Fire.

For iOS devices, you will need to link a PayPal account to store rewards and use them to pay diamonds.

Whaff app

One of the most successful apps to get Free Fire diamonds for free is Whaff. Through it, amounts in dollars are generated, enabling the redemption of Gift Card US and BR.

In addition, with it you can reach the minimum limit faster than usual, but for that you will have to check the following offers in the application daily: Whaff Choices, Premium Offers and referring friends, which also helps.
Google Play Store Events

The Google Play Store usually holds events where it distributes credit for the purchase of games, applications and in-app purchases, such as Free Fire diamonds.

To participate, stay tuned to the Play Store homepage and wait for new events.
How to buy diamonds in Free Fire cheaper

Above, you checked out some ways to earn free fire diamonds in Free Fire. Now, learn about some other ways to access virtual currency at a price below what is charged for direct purchases.

free fire diamonds

hype games

Through Hype Games, Free Fire players can earn up to 10% bonus when buying diamonds.

The LevelUp online store specializes in selling games and virtual game currencies, offering packages at affordable prices that fit in the pockets of most Battle Royale players.

In the store’s catalogue, there are packages of diamonds starting at R$3.00 and payment can be made with a credit card, debit card, bank slip or apps such as Mercado Pago, PicPay or Iti Itaú.

Gift Card

Another way to recharge game diamonds is through the Gift Card.

This promotion exists in partnership with the Play Store and works as follows: the player who buys a gift card between a period and adds it to his game account, earns bonus diamonds.

This promotion is usually valid throughout Brazil, and currently, you can buy recharge cards for R$15, R$30, R$50, R$100 and R$200 in retail stores, such as Submarino and Americanas.

special box

Special boxes are nothing more than promotional items that appear in the Free Fire lobby after a few matches.

They are available for purchase during the 24-hour period and players can purchase them at below market prices.

For example, there are boxes of 300 diamonds that can be purchased for just R$0.99. In addition to currency, there are boxes that can also come with character skins.

Razer Gold

Similar to the Hype Games we mentioned at the beginning of the text, when buying diamonds using Razer Gold currency, the player can earn up to 10% in diamond bonuses.

In certain situations, this discount can reach up to R$ 50%. The available coin packs are: R$5 R$10 R$20, R$50, R$75 and R$150.

In addition to the bonus, the player who uses Razer Gold, earns Razer Silver, which can be used to purchase physical products from the store, in addition to digital products and Steam games.
Important warning

Free Fire does not distribute diamonds for free within the game, while the best items can only be purchased with currency.

In this way, the game forces the player to invest money in the game and buy the diamonds. Therefore, we emphasize again that you must be very careful when looking for ways to get diamonds easily.

There are a number of apps that can hack your game and fill your account with diamonds, however, it can be banned.

Follow the tips we give throughout the text and always look for legal and reliable ways to acquire your digital currencies. And whenever you come across very easy methods of obtaining diamonds, be wary.

Avoid further problems and keep your account active.

Access reliable sites from serious companies that work with the gaming market, only then will you be sure that your account is safe.

Video How to Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free

THE Garena, owner of the Free Fire game, did not comment on the methods of earning Diamonds through errors on the game’s platform itself, while the game does not update this BUG, ​​gamers continue to take advantage and use the codes. The Youtuber Legendary Jhey teaches his followers different ways to use the FREE FIRE DIAMONDS BUG in your favor. Through his steps, he promises that you can earn up to 9,000 diamonds in Free Fire.

Remembering that these methods are not proven and are not guarantees of anything. Using this method is at your discretion and responsibility.

To learn how to get free diamonds in Free Fire, watch the video below:

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