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05 best exercises to lose belly → CHECK HERE

Keeping shape up to date and a flat and flat stomach is the desire of 90% of women, and yes, there are great exercises to lose your belly and get a beautiful abdomen.

In today’s post we chose the 5 exercises that you can do at home to lose belly fat and in this other article you can check out how to speed up your metabolism and lose weight easily with thermogenic foods and more tricks. To see more about the 5 exercises, drag down!

05 best exercises to lose belly

Physical exercises are good allies for the body’s health, disposition, hormonal improvement, the circadian circle, even for weight loss, as they release hormones that help in fat loss.

To put together the perfect exercise schedule to lose extra kilos, we’ve chosen the 5 fundamentals indicated by personal trainer and that they can make weight loss easier, as long as you do at least these exercises 2 to 3 times a week.


First on the list, aerobic exercises are good body stimulators and some high-intensity ones can release a lot of sweat and burn belly calories.

The tip is to start with exercises light aerobics such as walking, pilates, swimming, jumping rope or cycling at low intensity and as you get the hang of it, you can increase to medium / high intensity aerobic exercises like wrestling or other sports, for example.


Doing daily runs in addition to improving circulation and cardiovascular beats, is also a great exercise for the legs and helps in the loss of fat from the whole body as it works several muscles at the same time, including the abdomen.

squats with jumps

Squats work numerous leg muscles, being the lower and posterior thighs and the total portion of the abdomen, in addition to being a great exercise to combine belly and fat loss, it is great for strengthening the legs and gaining muscle and more resistance in them. .

The exercise is simple, just squat and repeat jumps with your arms up, and you can do 10-15 repetitions of 5 sets.

side plank

One of the really cool isometric exercises to help you lose your belly, strengthen your side muscles and shape your waist, the twist plank works your arms and legs too, as well as other muscles in your body.

To do the exercise you must lie on your side, position your elbow on the floor aligned with your shoulder, with your legs together, straight and extended, lift your elbow off the floor, hold the suspended position for a while and do repetitions of 10 and 15with 3-minute intervals divided into 5 series.

Sit-ups with leg raises

Sit-ups are exercises that burn a lot of abdominal fat from the abdomen portion as a whole, however sit-ups with leg raises it’s great for burning fat from the final part of the abdomen, the famous fanny pack.

To perform the exercises is simple, just lie down on your back, put your legs/thighs together in a straight line and do lifts of 10 to 15 repetitions in series of 10 with 3-minute intervals, if you wear weight shin guardsit also enhances the exercise and work of lower abdominal muscles.

Other tips that can help with weight loss

Invest in thermogenic teas, such as green tea, hibiscus or cinnamon, it can also be a good ally for burning fat, combined with regular diet and exercise;

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